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This is driftwood living

We wanted to change our lives and be able to express our creativity. Chance brought us to driftwood and what beautiful things you can create from this natural and resource-saving material and we want to share the joy of it with other people.

about us

We want to bring nature and sustainability into people's lives with creative implementations and thus bring a piece of nature back into the home.

Driftwood has already traveled a long way and therefore each piece has its own story to tell.

Some pieces can be up to 30 years old. Nature has worked on and shaped the piece for years and we finish the work to make it a unique piece that gives your rooms a unique atmosphere.

We want to preserve the naturalness of the wood through loving handwork and only processed with natural oils and waxes.

Daniela creates the design and does the fine work, as well as decorative items, and Franz does this and creates beautiful lamps and sculptures with his hands.

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