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We found this special driftwood floor lamp in the Ebelsberg floodplain. We have lovingly sanded the driftwood by hand and finished with shellac. A special highlight is the attached driftwood board, which is wonderfully suitable for placing a beautiful plant or any decorative item on it, the very beautiful high-quality lampshade gives off a nice soft light and caresses the wood. With this floor lamp you are the owner of an absolutely unique item which will make you proud.

Driftwood floor lamp Cordula

  • H: 186 cm

    B: 36 cm

    ᴓ 7cm

    Gewicht: 6 kg

    Lampenfuss: Metall 25x25

    Lampenschirm: helles Olivgrün innen Kupferoptik

                                     ᴓ 45cm

                                     H: 20 cm


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